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Missouri Finance Company

A locally owned business providing affordable auto financing to customers of its participating dealerships. We have a number of programs designed to make it easier for our customers to obtain and keep affordable transportation. Contact one of our participating dealerships today to find out more.

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Dear MFC Customers:

The most important thing to a successful relationship between us is communication. Our primary goal is to create successful customers who keep the transportation they need to achieve their personal goals. We do all we can to work with customers through the challenges they face. If we cannot contact you because we do not have current information, and you do not contact us when life throws you a curve, there is not much we can do to help you. Here are our top tips for keeping the lines of communication open:

Contact Info

Let us know if you change your address or phone number, so we can stay in touch.

Late Payments

Let us know If you have a problem making a payment on time, so we can make arrangements with you to keep your car and get back on track.

Job Changes

Let us know if you change jobs, so we can make sure your payments are timed to coincide with your new pay dates.


If you're having trouble maintaining full coverage insurance, ask us about our AssetGuard Protection Plan.

Repair Assistance

If your vehicle breaks down and you cannot afford the repairs, talk to us. We want you to keep the transportation you need. We can help you get the problem diagnosed and might even be able to help you with the repairs if you have a good payment history with us.


Participating Dealers

Car Credit Connection
At Car Credit Connection, our specialty is helping people with credit challenges drive away with the transportation they need. We look at your present capabilities and not just your past credit score.

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